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Wear protection

Our family-owned company HUP Verschleißschutz was founded 1973 in Rot am See, Germany.

HUP Verschleißschutz is dedicated to providing customers in the processing industry with wear-resistant machine parts. The company focuses on development, production and distribution of all types of wear-resistant machine parts.

With this in mind, HUP Verschleißschutz has developed new types of regeneration and wear protection. As a result of increasing prices for raw materials (steel in particular), basic maintenance and refinement of high-quality machine parts is of growing importance.

Our proprietary processing technologies are developed in-house at our own production facilities and marketed alongside other products.

Given the increasing prices for raw materials on the world market, there is a growing demand for high-quality coating materials that enhance valuable machine parts.

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Signs of wear affect components in nearly all industrial sectors. Seamless coatings with a high friction coefficient protect and preserve your components, either locally or across large surfaces, as required. As a result, you save money. Coatings with thicknesses ranging from 200 µm to several millimetres are available to suit individual components. We are happy to assist you in this regard. Impact and scratch resistance are among the advantages  and benefits of coatings with wear protection. They offer a high level of rebound elasticity and are extremely resistant to cutting, cracking and tearing. These coatings distribute surface pressure evenly and prevent marks or scratches on sensitive surfaces.

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