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wear protection

Our family business was founded in 1973 in Rot am See.

HUP Verschleißschutz has the aim to provide customers from the processed industry with wear resistant machine parts. It aims at the development, production as well as trade of all kinds of wear resistant machine parts.

For this purpose HUP Verschleißschutz has developed new types of regeneration and wear protection. Due to the increasing prices for raw material (rising steel prices), more and more importance is attached to basic maintenance and refinement of high-quality machine parts.

The self-developed process technologies are manufactured in the production plants by our employees and sold together with other products.

There is a need for high quality coating materials to finish expensive machine parts due to the increasing prices of raw materials on the world market.

Use the knowledge and experience of our application specialists for your company and increase your profit.


Signs of wear affect components in almost all industrial sectors. Seamless coatings with a high coefficient of friction protect and preserve your components, either partially or over the entire surface, as required. This saves you money. Depending on the component, coating thicknesses of 200 µm to several millimeters are possible. We will be happy to advise you on this. Advantages and additional properties of coatings with wear protection are impact and scratch resistance. They have high rebound elasticity and are highly resistant to cutting, tearing and further tearing. They distribute surface pressure and prevent marks or scratches on sensitive surfaces.

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